• This picture was taken at an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero concert at Bonnaroo. The picture was taken after the song “Home” when the band went down to their fans, asking if they had any stories to tell. The man above explained that he was a year ago he had been dying from cancer and needed a transplant. Edward Sharpe had passed by at his hospital and hung out with him while he laid on his death bed. Later that day he miraculously received the needed transplant later that day. It saved his life. The man was taken by the arms by Alex Ebert (lead singer) and held his hand until they walked back on the stage. This was truly an unforgettable concert.

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      And this is why I’m saving every last penny to go next year.
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      I am so glad I got to experience this
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      "Get this man a tamborine!" The crowd was in shock, tears, breath taking, and then pure joy. Goosebumps had goosebumps....
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      Beautiful story and a beautiful band!
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      Ahhh man I was there and I freakin got misty eyed during that! What an amazing show that was. And im glad that dude...
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